The Bitter Tears: Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse (Carrot Top)

The Bitter Tears draw from their guts and the things that come into their workspace. When writing music, the band values instinct over intellect, though none of the tracks here seem hasty or insipidly freeform. In fact, the entire thing plays out as a coherent, albeit eclectic, album.

Jam Tarts in the Jakehouse is a collection of folk-inspired (primarily acoustic) rock with a healthy mix of morbid, down-turning lyrics. For the album’s creation, the band toyed with old orchestral instruments picked up at small shops: old trombones, cracked violins, French horns, but the production keeps it all from sounding like chaos. Sure, they’re older instruments with flaws, but the music incorporates them in a way that is both deliberate and effective.

Overall, the album boasts the exuberance of Neutral Milk Hotel, the cool of Cake, and the melodic consideration of The Shins… if that makes any sense.


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