Franz Ferdinand: Blood (Domino)

Originally released in the U.K. with the special-edition of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, Blood is being released in the US. as an album of dub remixes by producer Dan Carey.

“Die on the Floor,” the remix of “Can’t Stop Feeling,” opens with vocals under a heavy dose of reverb and hollow percussion, which infuses a new sense of rhythm. Carey creates a greater sense of space with an extended coda, which seems on the verge of overloading into acid house. “Feel the Envy” draws out the reggae influence already present in its original counterpart, “Send Him Away.” “If I can’t Have You Then Nobody Can” (aka “Turn It On”) is the most unrecognizable as virtually every element from the original is processed or transferred altogether.

For the most part, Carey’s remixes extract the reggae and dub influences that went into Tonight in ways that are simultaneously revelatory and inevitable. At certain points, however, it seems as though he doesn’t go far enough. By the end of “Be Afraid” (“Dream Again”) it feels more like a demo version than a remix. “The Vaguest of Feeling” offers little added excitement to the already danceable “Live Alone.” And that’s perhaps the biggest challenge in remixing an album as kinetically charged as Tonight: swapping out one dance-driven approach for another while maintaining and creating interest. Still, the album only falls short here and there.

Source: Under the Radar Magazine, Issue 27

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