The Raveonettes: In and Out of Control (Vice)

For those that missed the dainty electro-pop of The Raveonettes’ first two releases after the darker Lust Lust Lust, the duo answer with In and Out of Control. Still bouncing through simple and sweet 1960s pop by way of dismal 1980s aesthetics, the warmth of darkness around the edges lingers but is significantly more buoyant than its predecessor.

This has been one of the more fascinating elements of the Raveonettes over the span of their output—their ability to confuse the dark and light elements. And, with In and Out, the lyrics are often in dispute with the signifiers in the music.

About half way into the album comes the track “Boys Who Rape (Should All Be Destroyed),” and conceivably one of the best examples of just this lyrical confusion. The harmonic foundation is reminiscent of young rock n’ roll—sans rhythmic accents—and the vocals are light and airy. Female lead Sune Rose Wagner sounds as sweet as sugar, but what is she saying? During the verse, she pronounces, “They rip you to shreds, make you feel useless, you’ll never forget—those fuckers stay in your head.” Then, of course, there’s the refrain, which is essentially the song’s title drawn out with an angelic chorus echoing the main line.

The biggest departure on the album is the final track, “Wine.” Both intensely reflective and spacious, the entire song is soused in reverb. It swirls around, aerates and just as it’s about to take a final breath, the glass empties out with no resolution. The music simply dissipates into the sound of waves. In this instance, the phrasing of the lyrics and the sedation of the music line up potently.

The Danish duo continue to dance—quite merrily—on the boundary between light and dark with In and Out of Control.

Source: Under the Radar Magazine

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